Batch One: Lemon Blueberry

I was going to wait until September.  Ha. I couldn’t wait!!

Late last night, when I should’ve been thinking about going to bed, I pulled out the stand mixer, assembled ingredients, and made the first batch of  whoopie pies to be featured here on the blog. And . . . I messed up the filling. 😦

The cakes turned out fine, although I would’ve liked them to be a bit fluffier and definitely more lemony.  (I’ll be sure my coconut oil is at the correct temperature next time and add twice as much lemon zest.).

The filling was another story.

Lessons Learned:

#1: Whoopie pie cakes can be stored in the freezer until ready to be filled.

I allowed the cakes to sit on the baking sheets for about five minutes once they came out of the oven, then transferred them to cooling racks. Once they were cool, I slid the racks into the freezer. This helps to keep the cakes from sticking to one another.  I say this because it’s important to . . .

#2: Make the filling when you’re ready to fill the cakes, not before!

I whipped up a traditional buttercream frosting while I was baking the cakes. I also made fresh blueberry preserve, which I was intending to use as  surprise center filling with a ring of buttercream around the edge of the cake. (see below) Since I was up late and needed to get to bed, I didn’t fill the cakes, but rather (after making a couple samples), covered the filling and put it in the fridge overnight.

blueberry surprise on lemon whoopie pie

which leads me to

#3: Frosting can get droopy sitting in the fridge overnight. And,

#4 Don’t try to fill whoopie pies in the last few minutes before you’ve got to head off to work.

So my bright idea in the light of day was to go ahead and mix the blueberry preserve into the filling. It will be pretty, I thought. (which it was, but…) Yes, I know, I know.  Way too much liquid, which meant I needed to add more confectioner’s sugar and now it’s too sweet for my taste so added a little cornstarch, too. It didn’t really help. And,  I let it mix in the stand mixer while I was getting ready for work, and it over whipped.

I filled the whoopies and snapped some photos anyway to show you so you can hopefully learn from my flubs. Plus, don’t they look like their sticking their tongues out at me to say, “Don’t take it too seriously, kid. You can try again another day.”

And I will give it another go. Soon.

I’ll post the recipe once I have it fine tuned.

This batch I took in to share with my coworkers and there were only three left when I left the office so I guess they weren’t too bad.

Special note: The sweet bluebird plate in the photo was a gift to my grandparents from my grandpa’s mother (or maybe his grandmother) when Nanny and Papa were married in 1936.  It’s a lovely little plate that makes me a bit sentimental, thinking about how they both loved bluebirds. He built a lot of bluebird houses to attract them within viewing distance of the porch of their farmhouse.

And stay tuned . . . my friend Janel and I are heading to the Whoopie Pie Festival in Strasburg,  PA on September 8. It’s bound to be yummy!


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