Batch Two: Lemon Blueberry (again) AND Batch Three: Devil’s Food


Lemon Blueberry Notes: The idea was to try to make the cakes more lemony and the filling more sturdy. It worked, but the cakes were still pretty flat and the filling a little too sweet for my taste.  Going to keep trying until I get this right.

Devil’s Food  Notes: Well, what I was thinking about initially was Black Forest. Picked up some tart dried cherries, which I chopped in the mini-chopper and added to the batter bowl after the first batch went into the oven.  Somehow, I forgot about the cherries when I started looking for filling options and landed on Tiramisu. Since I didn’t have Kahlua, I used the Saint Brendan’s Irish Creme liqueur instead. Also blended some marscapone cheese into the buttercream filling. This was an absolutely delicious filling. Light and mellow.

Despite the fact that I wouldn’t have planned on the cherries with this filling, it worked well. I probably won’t do this combo again intentionally but both the cakes and the filling are worth making again individually.

Took the Devil’s Food Irish Creme whoopies to a friend’s 60th birthday party, where the host added a “21+ only” note. They were a hit.




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