Hello there!

IMG_20171107_092606_019My name is Averie (aka Shug) and Makin’ Whoopie blog is a way to share my interests in oh so many things, using whoopie pies as a theme to guide the journey.

Growing up in central Pennsylvania, whoopie pies were commonly found at bake sales, and particularly at estate sales where local Mennonite and Amish women lined them up on tables, where they sold for 25 to 50 cents a piece.

My mother and grandmothers were more inclined to bake other goods so we didn’t have whoopie pies at home regularly but I still recall them as a staple of my upbringing and into my adult life.

A few years ago when I was invited by a friend to a Pie Party, I considered a standard pastry crust with fruit but decided against it because I’ve yet to master turning out a good homemade crust (#lifegoals). Instead, I landed on the idea of making whoopie pies, choosing two recipes (one savory and gluten free) from a whoopie pie cookbook I’d picked up at a bookstore in Maine.*

Those cookbooks, and the whoopie pies I made and shared that day were the start of something. It took a while, but I guess they were the beginning of this very blog. I’m excited to see where it will lead us. Thanks for traveling along.


*Yes, I’m aware of the controversy about which state may rightly claim the title of inventing whoopie pies. More on that in a future post.